Phone Sex with Age Play Addie

Pleasing my Daddy is of upmost importance! Anything goes when it comes to Daddy’s needs. Even when he wakes me up in the middle of the night to be his good little girl. I actually love when Daddy comes into my room late at night. I can feel his hands graze over me and my tiny teen tits. When he does it I love the way it feels so I spread wider trying not to make a peep. I feel his big one try to fill me up and then some. Sometimes when I spread wider so Daddy can fit all the way in I can feel him cream inside me. I especially love when Daddy does that. It makes me feel so good! I’m not sure what that’s for yet but I would love to find out hehe. Wouldn’t you Daddy? 877-638-7166

Anything Goes - Phone Sex with Age Play Addie

perfect princessDaddy says I am his perfect princess. He loves my big baby-doll eyes and my little bubble-butt. He says he especially loves when I tease him by sitting in his lap!

When mommy gets busy with her work, Daddy makes sure we have our special play times together. The second she goes out the door, there is Daddy with his special surprise. He shows me how big it is and he tells me if I can be a good girl, he will show me how to make it explode!

Seeing Daddy’s big hard one always makes me excited, so when I see it I know to open my mouth wide. Like a good princess. That makes Daddy very VERY happy! He says he loves when I look up at him with my big baby eyes while I take it deep.

It doesn’t take long before my tongue teasing makes Daddy explode all over my face. Sometimes if I’m a good girl, Daddy will even let me take it in my mouth!

I especially LOVE when Daddy lets me swallow. It’s my favorite hehe. But Daddy says I’m only allowed to when I’m on my best princess behavior!

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